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Tour the Bible

The Challenge

Tour the Bible is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing quality trips to Israel and other places that are found in the Bible while keeping your pocket book in consideration. They came to StarrWebVision in need of a quality website to portray their mission. They also sought consultation for email marketing along with other marketing channels.

The Solution

We at StarrWebVision immediately bought into the mission and goal of Tour the Bible. We were happy to help! We provided a responsive website that was built to convey their message. Along with that, we were able to provide consultation on their email campaign that is still in progress.

We Met Their Vision

We Created a Brand


Website Design


Marketing Consultation

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Bounce rate lower than 20%

Mobile First

We created a mobile site to engage the audience and to increase sales. Because of this there has been numerous inquiries about their services.

Built with Engagement in Mind

The way the graphics and content transfers were designed was to build a high level of engagement. With an amazingly low bounce rate, we did our job.

We Did our Research

In an effort to make sure that our client would stay competitive we did research to determine what would engage and what our clients should offered.

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